Chart Hills (CH) Thurs Jul 12

Chart Hills - If you escape the bunkers there is still the water to avoid on the 17th (photo credit Luke Kirby)

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Full Results
Novelty Prizes
Detailed Handicap Changes


  • When we arrived at Chart Hills, most of in us our shorts as we were expecting another hot day, we did a double take on the temperature as it was decidedly cool first thing. That quickly changed during the morning and we were left with a perfect day for golf. Nick Faldo who designed the course certainly loved his bunkers – as an example see the Strokesaver map of the 16th on our web site- and they and the tricky greens certainly represented a challenge. There were many compliments about the course, Clubhouse and the food and it was disappointing that our numbers were only 35, good by some Society standards but not of course ours.
  • Jon and Patrick were in my group one from the back and while I was aware they were both scoring well, I little realised that they would finish first and third on the day with 36 and 33 points. This was Jon’s seventh BAGS day victory – only Graham, Ian B and Peter L have more with 9, 8 & 8 respectively – and his first for two years but he is always amongst the leaders and challenges every year for one or more of the Majors. His win here however came as a result of an unfortunate mix up on the 8th by the leading group of four which included Luke when they played from the wrong tees – whites not yellows – and correctly reduced their scores (having checked the ruling in the Pro Shop afterwards) when the mistake was realised. Sadly for Luke after the error he ended up on 36, the same score as Jon and to rub salt in the wound, then lost on Countback. How unlucky can you be as this was his third runner up position in six appearances this season.
  • I rarely highlight Guest performances in these Newsletters as they are for BAGS members but Chris Brown’s 38 points off 1 at Chart Hills was golf of a level we rarely see at our events. Well done on a great display by the lad from Burnley.
  • Given his consistency it is not surprising Luke leads all three Majors, in this his first BAGS season but as things stand he is not playing at our August event at The Addington so could be overhauled in the Memorial by some of the chasing pack. Time to reorganise your diary Luke!
  • If you have not yet paid for The Addington please do so and the same applies if you have not yet made the final payment for the Cornwall tour as we are less than two months away from this trip. Some of the photos I have recently seen of St Enodoc show a Sahara type landscape with just eighteen green oases dotted around but I am pretty confident Mother Nature will correct this in due course though hopefully not when we are there! Should be a great tour and Trevose will provide a great base.
  • With only a few payments to come from this year’s Charity Day and surrounding activities, we can safely say that we will soon have matched last year’s figure of £30,000 which is a tremendous achievement by all involved.
  • The KOs are moving along but with another deadline of 29th July now looming do make sure your matches are played so John and Roger do not have to adjudicate on any unplayed matches.
  • What a terrible accident to Steve Rout at Worthing. He much appreciates all the messages of support he received from his BAGS friends and I am forwarding separately a general note he has written and asked me to send to all members. He is being incredibly brave and resilient at such a difficult time. I know he is in our thoughts and that we all hope to see him later in the year even if it is only at one of our dinners in the first instance.
  • You may have seen some of the attractive BAGS 25th anniversary clothing worn by some members. It really does look great and the quality is excellent too. Not many members have so far taken the plunge, our Captain being an honourable exception, so do consider ordering some and wear your BAGS gear with pride that you are a member of such a well respected Society.
  • As you are aware our day at The Addington is a 27 hole event. Though I am not issuing the OOP until payment is made by those involved, the tee off times will be 9am for the full day and 1pm for the 18 holers. The journey to Croydon should be fairly straightforward as the school runs will be taking a break for the summer which is a great relief.
  • Once our August event and the Tour are over we have just three events left in the season. There are currently no places left for Hindhead in December but the other two have spaces.

Enjoy the Open this weekend as they drive the ball 400 yards plus down the brown fairways……

Full Results

Position Name Score Notes
1 Chris Brown 38 Guest Winner
2 Jon STEVENSON 36 countback BAGS Winner
= Luke KIRBY 36 BAGS 2nd
4 Patrick MURPHY 33 BAGS 3rd
= John RAYNER 33
= Robin SEWELL 33
= Tom Longhurst 33 Guest
8 Peter BARKHAM 32
= Simon CHEUNG 32
10 Trevor James 31 Guest
= Alan Cook 31 Guest
12 Alan LANGFORD 30
= Chris PRESLEY 30
14 Steve LITTLE 29
= Geoff ROY 29
16 Richard LISTER 28
= Derek SMITH 28
19 Roger BOYCHUK 27
= Andy HARPER 27
= Kevin HAWKINS 27
= Terry HULME 27
= Harry MEDHURST 27
= Lee Davis 27 Guest
= Leon Espley 27 Guest
28 Tim AKERS 25
29 Hedley GREATBATCH 24
= Keith Sapsed 24 Guest
31 Brian Waldron 22 Guest
32 David JACKSON 21
33 Steve BOND 20
= John DAVIES 20
35 Ian BARRETT 19

Novelty Prizes

Description Name Note
Best front nine John Rayner 20 pts
Best back nine Alan Langford 19 pts
Nearest the pin Luke Kirby 21 in
Nearest the pin in 2 Geoff Ray 23ft
Nearest the pin in 2 Tom Longhurst 97 in
Charity Nearest the pin Brian Waldren 415 cm
Par 3 Winner Patrick Murphy 11 pts

Detailed Handicap Changes

Par for the course = 72
SSS for the yellow tees = 68
SSS stableford points = 40 points.
After adjustment for the conditions the Competition Scratch Score (CSS) was 36 points.

The detailed handicap changes from the event are shown below. This only shows the members who played at the event. For a full list of handicaps please see the Handicaps page.

Member Previous
exact Hcap
playing Hcap
Points from
from CSS
exact Hcap
Playing Hcap
Tim AKERS 15.6 16 25 11 15.7 16
Peter BARKHAM 28.0 28 32 4 28.0 28
Ian BARRETT 17.3 17 19 17 17.4 17
Steve BOND 24.6 25 20 16 24.7 25
Roger BOYCHUK 25.7 26 27 9 25.8 26
Jim CATTERMOLE 21.6 22 26 10 21.7 22
Simon CHEUNG 14.0 14 32 4 14.0 14
John DAVIES 26.5 27 20 16 26.6 27
Hedley GREATBATCH 19.6 20 24 12 19.7 20
Mike GRIESHABER 21.3 21 27 9 21.4 21
Andy HARPER 17.8 18 27 9 17.9 18
Kevin HAWKINS 20.0 20 27 9 20.1 20
Terry HULME 22.3 22 27 9 22.4 22
David JACKSON 28.0 28 21 15 28.0 28
Luke KIRBY 9.8 10 36 0 9.2 9
Alan LANGFORD 10.3 10 30 6 10.4 10
Richard LISTER 16.1 16 28 8 16.2 16
Steve LITTLE 16.8 17 29 7 16.9 17
Mark LONGHURST 27.2 27 28 8 27.3 27
Harry MEDHURST 15.3 15 27 9 15.4 15
Patrick MURPHY 14.6 15 33 3 14.6 15
Chris PRESLEY 21.9 22 30 6 22.0 22
John RAYNER 15.0 15 33 3 15.0 15
Geoff ROY 15.2 15 29 7 15.3 15
Robin SEWELL 21.9 22 33 3 21.9 22
Derek SMITH 25.9 26 28 8 26.0 26
Jon STEVENSON 7.2 7 36 0 6.6 7