Photos from the Tour

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West Midlands Tour Results - September 2019

Day 1 - Little Aston
1st Stuart Horrex46 points
2nd Richard Hockham38 points
3rd Matt Hall (guest)36 points

Day 2 - Forest of Arden
1st Andy Martin34 points
2nd Gary Langford32 points
3rd Tim Akers32 points

Day 3 - Beau Desert
1st Matt Hall (guest)35 points
2nd countback to be clarified between
Lawrie Arnold and Richard Hockham
36 points
3rd 36 points

Day 4 - Copt Heath
1st Gordon Street38 points
2nd Mike Grieshaber35 points
3rd countback to be clarifed between
Stuart Horrex / Andy Martin / Clive Murrell
34 points

Secretary's Cup
1st Richard Hockham105 points
2nd Andy Martin103 points
3rdStuart Horrex102 points
4thLawrie Arnold100 points
5thTim Akers93 points
6thGary Langford90 points

1st Gordon Street99 points
2nd Mike Grieshaber95 points
3rd Tom Langford93 points

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