Tour Results - September 2019

Sandford Springs - The Woods
Sandford Springs - The Lakes

Day 1 - Sandford Springs - Woods & Lakes
1st Matt Hall39 points
2nd Dougie Paull35 points
3rd Stuart Horrex34 points

Day 2 - Sandford Springs - Park and Woods
1st Dougie Paul39 points
2nd Tom Langford38 points
3rd Richard Lister36 points

Day 3 - Weybrook Park
1st Stuart Horrex38 points
2nd Simon Windibank36 points
3rd Tom Langford35 points

Secretary's Cup
1st Stuart Horrex104 points
joint 2nd Tom Langford103 points
joint 2ndDougie Paull103 points
4thMatt Hall99 points

1st Glen Waters (guest)97 points
2nd Richard Lister96 points
3rd Simon Windibank94 points

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