Ham Manor (HM) Thu Aug 19th

Photo credit: Terry Hulme

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Full Results
Novelty Prizes
Detailed Handicap Changes


1. Our day at Ham Manor was very enjoyable and as we had not played it since 2006, it surprised some people with its quality and variety of holes. The Club in fact had flipped the two nines around since our last visit and had made a number of other changes, all of them positive. Then when you factor in a lovely Clubhouse, excellent food and friendly staff, you have the perfect ingredients for a successful BAGS day. The weather provided good golfing conditions apart from about 15 minutes when a sea fret or haar (depending on which part of the country you come from!) dropped some drizzle on to the course but it was really nothing much to worry about.

2. Mike Weaver took all this in his stride as he stormed to a score of 40 points to win his first BAGS event since he joined us last year. He is in fact no stranger to the podium as he was third at Betchworth last year (as well as winning the Pairs) but nines of 22 and 18 saw him home ahead of the chasing pack of four who each achieved 38 points in a grandstand finish. So well done Mike who is a very consistent player scoring 30+ more often than not. Runner up out of the four just behind Mike was John Davies who nudged out Jon Stevenson – welcome back after the hand op Jon – Paul Hunt and Andy Martin on Countback. John has waited 15 years since his last BAGS day event success when he won the Individual Charity event in 2006 so it’s really great that he has had this return to form just before the tour. Talking to him after his round he told me he had three 4 pointers which is good golf by any standards and that he was not trying to hit the ball as hard as he normally does. There’s a lesson for all of us in that…….and well done to Andy on winning the Stick Competition at the 10th hole.

3. As predicted in my last newsletter, Peter Barkham is going to be threat in this year’s Chairman’s and his 31 points has taken him up to level with Matt on 106. That should be an interesting struggle in the last three events of the year at Woking, New Zealand and Worplesdon. As they both got the same score at Ham Manor, Matt retains his lead of four points in the Memorial Trophy which is based on the cumulative scores achieved in the rounds played. Too early yet to have any Qualifiers in the Treasurer’s but after our October event we’ll see who are our most consistent players.

4. September is going to be a busy BAGS month as we have the Lincolnshire tour at the beginning and the revised date for the Charity event at the end. Sadly we have lost two players from the 44 originally signed up for the tour as both Derek Smith and Dougie Paull have had recent health problems and reluctantly decided that four rounds in four days would be too much. We wish them both all the very best as they combat these challenges. On the plus side we are all looking forward to seeing Gordon again as he makes his return to golf after his nearly 12 months enforced layoff. The Guinness are ready and waiting Gordon!! The menus have been circulated and nearly all returned so if yours are one of the few missing please respond quickly. The final tour briefing will be sent out to all involved later this week.

5. The Charity Day arrangements are well advanced with all but one of the team slots now taken up. Thanks to all those who have supported Stuart Horrex’s initiatives in the Tenners draw for the valuable Worplesdon fourball. We also have some attractive auction items which Jon and Ian will offer on the night and the Progressive Auction courses masterminded by Hedley will be much in demand both on the night and online in advance. We want to put on a Charity Event worthy of BAGS and to justify all the hard work which goes into the preparations.

6. The Knock Outs are still moving along but have been blighted by the enforced withdrawal of Dougie who had reached the semi final stage in all three Competitions, an amazing achievement. This means that Richard Hockham has reached the Singles Final and will play either Mike Weaver or Captain Andy. Mike with partner Lawrie (the holders) have again reached the Pairs Final and there could even be a repeat of last year’s match unless Mike G and Andy can defeat Richard and Clive. In the Seniors Dougie’s withdrawal means that Alan Spriggs will take on the winner of the Andy Harper/Stuart Horrex match.

7. I hope soon to send out an update asking for any known changes to the last three events of the year. These have been well supported and in the case of Woking and NZ we have waiting lists so if vacancies occur it would be good to know them well in advance. This would also be a useful time to point out again that our December event will be on Monday 13th at Worplesdon not as originally planned at Hindhead on Thursday 16 th. Three of of our number got caught out by the change of date for Ham Manor which was well publicised and acted upon by the majority which proves the wisdom of reading e mails and recording any date changes in your diaries. A shame that you missed a great day, guys and we’ll try to make sure you don’t slip up again!

As the summer days shorten, it is often a lovely time to get out on the course and we hope in two weeks time to maintain our record of excellent tour weather. But still take the rain gear just in case….

Full Results

Position Name Score Notes
1 Mike WEAVER 40 BAGS Winner
2 John DAVIES 38 countback BAGS 2nd
3 Jon STEVENSON 38 countback BAGS 3rd
4 Paul HUNT 38
= Andy MARTIN 38
6 Keith Sapsed 37 Guest Winner
7 Robin SEWELL 36
= Andy SKILTON 36
= Martin Terry 35 Guest
12 Gordon STREET 33
13 Bernie Marchant 32 Guest
14 Peter BARKHAM 31
= Roger BOYCHUK 31
= Simon CHEUNG 31
= Matt HALL 31
= Alan LANGFORD 31
19 Tim AKERS 30
= Harry MEDHURST 30
= Dan SHAW 30
= Stuart SMILLIE 30
= Barrie Street 30 Guest
= Martin Howes 30 Guest
25 Andy BOND 29
= Andy Hill 29 Guest
27 Tom LANGFORD 28
= Chris PRESLEY 28
30 Clive MURRELL 27
31 Stuart HORREX 26
= Dave SHAW 26
33 Steve BOND 24
= Graham WRIGHT 24
35 Kevin HAWKINS 23
= Alan SPRIGGS 23
37 Lee DAVIS 22
39 Terry HULME 20
40 David TAYLOR 19
41 John HAWLEY 15

Stick Competition

BAGS winner Andy Martin who reached the 10th hole.

Guest winner Martin Terry who reached the 10th hole.

Novelty Prizes

Description Name Note
Best front nine Andy Martin 20 pts
Best back nine Mark Longhurst 22 pts
Nearest the pin (4th) Chris Presley 2m 89cm
Nearest the pin in 2 (3rd hole) Andy Skilton 3m 33cm
Nearest the pin in 2 (15th hole) Andy Hill 12ft 5in
Charity Nearest the pin Dan Shaw 7ft 9in
Par 3 Winner Dave Shaw 11pts

Detailed Handicap Changes

Par for the course = 70
SSS for the yellow tees = 69
SSS stableford points = 37 points.
After adjustment for the conditions the Competition Scratch Score (CSS) was 37 points.

The detailed handicap changes from the event are shown below. This only shows the members who played at the event. For a full list of handicaps please see the Handicaps page.

Member Previous
exact Hcap
playing Hcap
Points from
from CSS
exact Hcap
Playing Hcap
Tim AKERS 16.4 16 30 7 16.5 17
Peter BARKHAM 34.2 34 31 6 34.3 34
Andy BOND 36.0 36 29 8 36.0 36
Steve BOND 25.6 26 24 13 25.7 26
Roger BOYCHUK 36.0 36 31 6 36.0 36
Simon CHEUNG 14.9 15 31 6 15.0 15
John DAVIES 27.9 28 38 -1 27.5 28
Lee DAVIS 23.4 23 22 15 23.6 24
Mike GRIESHABER 21.8 22 34 3 21.8 22
Matt HALL 13.5 14 31 6 13.6 14
Kevin HAWKINS 20.6 21 23 14 20.7 21
John HAWLEY 29.8 30 15 22 30.0 30
Stuart HORREX 23.1 23 26 11 23.3 23
Terry HULME 24.3 24 20 17 24.4 24
Paul HUNT 29.0 29 38 -1 28.6 29
Alan LANGFORD 12.8 13 31 6 12.9 13
Tom LANGFORD 10.5 11 28 9 10.6 11
Mark LONGHURST 21.5 22 35 2 21.5 22
Ian MAKEPEACE 28.3 28 28 9 28.4 28
Andy MARTIN 11.3 11 38 -1 11.1 11
Harry MEDHURST 16.3 16 30 7 16.4 16
Clive MURRELL 9.6 10 27 10 9.8 10
Chris PRESLEY 21.1 21 28 9 21.2 21
Robin SEWELL 21.6 22 36 1 21.6 22
Dan SHAW 13.4 13 30 7 13.5 14
Dave SHAW 22.9 23 26 11 23.1 23
Andy SKILTON 20.7 21 36 1 20.7 21
Stuart SMILLIE 28.2 28 30 7 28.3 28
Andy SPREADBOROUGH 18.0 18 22 15 18.2 18
Alan SPRIGGS 27.6 28 23 14 27.8 28
Jon STEVENSON 5.5 6 38 -1 5.3 5
Gordon STREET 15.5 16 33 4 15.6 16
David TAYLOR 10.3 10 19 18 10.5 11
Mike WEAVER 17.6 18 40 -3 16.7 17
Graham WRIGHT 9.2 9 24 13 9.4 9