Par 3 Rules

The winner of the Par 3 Competition at a day event will be the person with the highest number of stableford points on the par 3 holes. As simple as that!

If there is a tie, a 'countback' system will be used which looks at the hardest par 3 hole, and the player with the most points on that hole will win. If it is still a tie the other holes will be considered in turn, and after that we will declare it a draw.

The winner of each event will compete in the Par 3 Final at the last event of the year. The finalist who has the highest score on the par 3 holes at that event will be declared the Annual Par 3 Winner.

Finalists for 2021

The winner of each event is listed below and will compete in the Par 3 final at our last event of 2020.

Event Par 3
Points on
par 3 holes
Westerham Andy Skilton 11pts
RAC David Watling 9 pts
Banstead Downs Roger Boychuk 12 pts
Ham Manor Dave Shaw 11pts
Betchworth Park Mark Longhurst 13 pts
Woking Peter Barkham 11pts
New Zealand David Jackson 15pts