Westerham (WH) Mon May 17th

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Detailed Handicap Changes


1. It was always likely having looked at the weather forecast that though the morning at Westerham would be dry and relatively sunny, the afternoon would produce something closer to April than May conditions and so it proved. The pity was that had the Club stuck to the originally booked 18:9 day rather than requiring us (due to other competitions) to switch to the less popular 9:18 format, most of the field would have got in the 18 before the rain but it was not to be. Westerham is a hard walking course and rain always slows up the pace of play so that too became a problem in the second half of the afternoon, especially with the buggies up front having to stick to the tracks.

2. That's the bad news out of the way but generally people enjoyed being back together over a drink and a meal and it was good to have the first live prize presentation for over 14 months. I am sure that no one enjoyed the day more than Paul Hunt whose 37 points was enough to record his first day win since joining BAGS in 2015. Paul was just two points ahead of Matt Hall who has made a stunning start to his career as a BAGS member with three runners up and a fourth place out of only seven outings since he joined us last year. If there's one guy you can rely on to make 30 plus points Matt is your man and I would put money on him winning a day event this year. And there's another rival for the Mr Consistency title as Luke finished third at Westerham to notch his eighth podium position while still not winning the day since he joined us. Well done to you all.

3. Paul's win was also enhanced by a gift of champagne presented by Harry to commemorate the memory of Alan Winteridge whose Memorial Trophy we were all playing for. Harry never fails to wear the badge showing Alan's smiling face, on the Winteridge Trophy and Charity Days and the day this year was made more poignant by a heartfelt and moving eulogy from Simon who talked of the big guy's wonderful character and described his contribution to BAGS and of course to life in general. Our day at Westerham coincided with the 17th year anniversary of Alan's funeral and we who remember his wonderful generosity and sparkling personality enjoyed hearing Simon's talk and I am sure those who joined BAGS after 2004 now realise why the May event means so much to us. Well done Simon and at the same time we remember those other BAGS members who are no longer with us and whose names are recorded on the Memorial Plate.

4. Matt won the Memorial Plate and the Treasurer's last year and he's already leading in these and the Chairman's Shield - early days of course but his play is so consistent that he's going to be a tough act to beat.

5. Matt is of course a leftie and it is therefore also appropriate to record southpaw Lawrie's and Mike Weaver's narrow win in the all Betchworth Pairs Final from 2020. It was postponed due to injury from last year but it sounds to have been a cracking match which (thanks to a birdie on the 18 th from Richard Hockham) went up the 19th before it concluded. In the meantime the winning pair also played their 1 st round Pairs match for the 2021 campaign and this one went to the 22nd hole before Matt and Niall were edged out. Tight stuff and we look forward to hearing of more epic matches as the KOs progress with last year's Singles and Seniors winner Dougie already winning his first matches in these Competitions .

6. Meanwhile the Charity plans are going well with Hedley getting a decent number of fourball vouchers ready to be auctioned in the summer and of course on September 30. If any of you out there can help with contacts who can put us in touch with sponsorship options to help raise funds for this very deserving cause, we would be very grateful. This could be hole sponsorship at £100 or supply of auction items which could be sold on the night.

7. One aspect of our Charity fund raising is always the Captain's Challenge. You have all had the details of this ahead of our RAC day on June 17 so get busy with your estimates of the winning cumulative distances in the four Novelty Holes next month. Remember to send your figure to Andy Skilton before the day and you could win the £75 prize. A reminder also that the money for the day is now due.

8. One addition to the 2022 programme is that we are now planning to play Farnham in January as it emerged in my discussions with various Clubs that Liphook had already scheduled us for a March return. A pity they didn't tell me before I'd booked Farnham (!) but as its course is on sand it is an ideal venue for a mid winter bonus event. This means that our first three events of 2022 now have the mouth watering line up of Farnham, North Hants and Liphook. Other venues will follow in due course as dates are agreed.

9. It has been a dreadful May for weather and we can only hope that the promised higher temperatures and drier conditions materialise in time for us to enjoy the holiday weekend. Golf in the rain is no fun and we can only hope that Mother Nature has finished making up for the lack of April showers.

Enjoy your golf as we move into June and we hope a very successful day at RAC - our 250th day event.

Full Results

Position Name Score Notes
1 Paul HUNT 37 BAGS Winner
2 Matt HALL 35 BAGS 2nd
3 Luke KIRBY 34 BAGS 3rd
= Keith Sapsed 34 Guest Winner
6 Tim AKERS 31
7 Hedley GREATBATCH 30
= Josh Longhurst 30 Guest
9 Keith MARSHALL 29
= Andy SKILTON 29
11 Ian BARRETT 28
12 Peter BARKHAM 27
= Simon CHEUNG 27
= Andy HARPER 27
= Kevin HAWKINS 27
= John HAWLEY 27
= Harry MEDHURST 26
= Robin SEWELL 26
= Stuart SMILLIE 26
= Graham WRIGHT 26
22 Dave Kirby 25 Guest
23 Lawrie ARNOLD 23
= Lee DAVIS 23
= Niall NELSON 23
26 Roger BOYCHUK 22
= Terry HULME 22
= Alan LANGFORD 22
= Stephen Gilmour 22 Guest
= Geoff ROY 21
33 John DAVIES 20
= David JACKSON 20
35 Dougie PAULL 17

Morning Team 9 Hole Competition

Winners, with 49 points: Mike Grieshaber, Mike Weaver, Dougie Paull, John Hawley.
Runners up, with 45 points: Harry Medhurst, Keith Sapsed, Mark Longhurst and Josh Longhurst.

Novelty Prizes

Description Name Note
Best front nine Tom Longhurst 19 pts
Best back nine Keith Marshall 18 pts
Nearest the pin (11th) Josh Longhurst
Nearest the pin in 2 (7th hole) Tom Longhurst 220cm
Nearest the pin in 2 (9th hole) Tim Akers 270cm
Charity Nearest the pin Luke Kirby 527cm
Par 3 Winner Andy Skilton 11pts

Detailed Handicap Changes

Par for the course = 72
SSS for the yellow tees = 70
SSS stableford points = 38 points.
After adjustment for the conditions the Competition Scratch Score (CSS) was 34 points.

The detailed handicap changes from the event are shown below. This only shows the members who played at the event. For a full list of handicaps please see the Handicaps page.

Member Previous
exact Hcap
playing Hcap
Points from
from CSS
exact Hcap
Playing Hcap
Tim AKERS 16.1 16 31 3 16.1 16
Lawrie ARNOLD 10.0 10 23 11 10.1 10
Peter BARKHAM 34.4 34 27 7 34.5 35
Ian BARRETT 19.0 19 28 6 19.1 19
Roger BOYCHUK 36.0 36 22 12 36.0 36
Simon CHEUNG 14.8 15 27 7 14.9 15
John DAVIES 27.7 28 20 14 27.8 28
Lee DAVIS 23.1 23 23 11 23.2 23
Hedley GREATBATCH 20.9 21 30 4 20.9 21
Mike GRIESHABER 21.4 21 21 13 21.6 22
Matt HALL 14.3 14 35 -1 14.0 14
Andy HARPER 18.8 19 27 7 18.9 19
Kevin HAWKINS 20.8 21 27 7 20.9 21
John HAWLEY 30.0 30 27 7 30.1 30
Terry HULME 24.0 24 22 12 24.1 24
Paul HUNT 30.0 30 37 -3 28.8 29
David JACKSON 36.0 36 20 14 36.0 36
Luke KIRBY 8.7 9 34 0 8.7 9
Alan LANGFORD 12.4 12 22 12 12.6 13
Mark LONGHURST 21.3 21 21 13 21.5 22
Tom LONGHURST 18.1 18 32 2 18.1 18
Ian MAKEPEACE 28.1 28 26 8 28.2 28
Keith MARSHALL 8.4 8 29 5 8.5 9
Harry MEDHURST 16.2 16 26 8 16.3 16
Niall NELSON 25.6 26 23 11 25.7 26
Dougie PAULL 22.2 22 17 17 22.4 22
Geoff ROY 16.0 16 21 13 16.1 16
Robin SEWELL 21.3 21 26 8 21.4 21
Andy SKILTON 20.2 20 29 5 20.3 20
Stuart SMILLIE 28.1 28 26 8 28.2 28
Graham WRIGHT 9.0 9 26 8 9.1 9