All active BAGS members are covered by Golfguard insurance. The cover applies to all social golfing during the year, not just BAGS events. We have the Bronze cover package which providers cover for:

  • Personal Liability Cover up to £5,000,000 - In the event of an insured member becoming legally liable for injury or damage they cause whilst playing golf

  • Non-Negligence Cover up to £5,000 in respect of third party property damage. In respect of third party property damage (irrespective of legal liability)

  • Personal Accident Cover to £50,000 In respect of an accident while playing golf to an insured member resulting in death, loss of limb or eye(s)or permanent total disablement.

  • Hole in One Cover up to £100 In respect of reimbursement of the bar bill following a Hole in One achieved in an official Golf Club or Golf Society competition (medal or stableford). The achievement must be verified by the Club/Society Secretary and the bar bill incurred on the day must be forwarded to us together with the score card.

If any incident occurs that could give rise to a claim under the group policy we have arranged for BAGS Members, the Member should contact Golfguard's office on 01342 318368 or email them at within 14 days of the incident and provide them with the relevant details. Golfguard will then send the member the relevant Claim Form