BAGS Rules

BAGS day rules, guidance and the annual competition rules (see below)

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Stableford Countback
In the event of a tie for the first three places the player with the best back 9 (i.e. holes 10 – 18) will be declared the winner, if this fails to produce a clear winner then take back 6, then back 3 then back 1. If this still produces a tie then take the back 6 from the front 9 (i.e. holes 4 to 9), then 7 to 9 and finally hole 9. If this still produces a tie then the prize is shared.

Stroke Play Countback (i.e. Captain’s Bowl)
To determine the winner of the Captain’s Bowl in the event of a tie, it is determined by the best score on the last 9 holes as above. Then take back 6, then back 3, then back 1. However, there has to be an adjustment for the handicaps so you take one-half, one-third and one-sixth etc. of the handicap and deduct this from the total score for those holes. If this still produces a tie then move to the front 9 scores and use the system as above. Fractions should not be disregarded.

Swindle Money
The Swindle is only offered to members and winners can only come from those who have entered. The monies are distributed as 40% to the Day Winner, 30% to Second Place and 10% to Third, the Front 9 and Back 9 winners NOT winning the other 3 place monies receive 10% each. Therefore, there are 5 separate winners.

For the 27 hole competition, the 1st over 27 will receive 35%, 2nd will receive 20% and 3rd 10%. For the 18 holes 1st has 15%, 2nd 10% and 3rd 5% the remaining 5% goes to the best 9. No player receiving more than one share.

Team Competitions with variable numbers
Most team competitions are the best 2 stableford scores out of 3 at each hole over 9 holes. Where a team is reduced to 2 players, 5 points will be added to their score to compensate. If a team has 4 players then their score will reduce by 5 points. Should the competition be best 3 out of 4 and one team has only 3 members, where all scores count, their total score will be increased by 4 points.

Texas Scramble
The Charity Day event TS is a rarity as it is unusual for Clubs to offer this format. For the Charity Day event, which is over two different 9 holes, 10% of the combined handicaps are taken with the exact handicap being used to deduct from the gross score. If a player fails to compete, the original 4 man team calculation stands. For Scrambles on normal BAGS day, 10% will be used for teams of 4 but if there has to be a team(s) of 3 in view of numbers then 7.5% of the combined handicaps will be used for the 3.

Texas Scramble – 9 holes – Rules
All players drive off – one tee shot is selected. All players EXCEPT THE PLAYER WHOSE DRIVE WAS CHOSEN then play the next shot from that positionplacing the ball within 6 inches, no nearer the hole. The procedure is repeated, with the player whose shot is used NOT playing the next shot, until the hole is completed. The team score will be the total shots for the 9 holes minus the team handicap shown on the card.

NB. The team must use a minimum of 2 tee shots from each player.

Winter Rules
Irrespective of individual Club rules, BAGS has Winter Rules applying for ALL its competitions from 1st October to 31st March. This applies to closely mown areas through the green. In exceptional weather conditions where a ball is unreasonably plugged, underwater etc OFF the closely mown areas (including the Rough) as a direct result of these conditions (except in a hazard where normal golf rules apply) then the ball may be picked up, cleaned and placed at the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole without penalty – but only with the agreement of the playing partners.

Electronic Aids for determining distance etc (i.e. SatNav) - as of 01/03/2009
The BAGS Committee has agreed to adopt the English Golf Union decision to allow the use of Distance Measuring Devices (DMD) with immediate effect in all BAGS golf events
There are certain conditions with the type and use of the DMD, these are outlined in the EGU notification:-
' The English Golf Union (EGU) has taken the decision to allow Distance Measuring Devies (DMD) to be used in all its Championships in 2009. However only DMD that calculate distance will be permitted, those devices providing other information such as wind speed,temperature & elevation will not be allowed. Any player found using such a DMD will be in breach of rule 14-3 for which the penalty is disqualification,regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.'  
This rule change was introduced at the request of members. 

The “TWOS” competition
ALL players may enter including guests. Winners can only come from those who have entered. The total prize money will be split equally amongst all those qualifying and this includes any holes in one as well as a two whether it be at a Par 3, 4 or 5. For the 27-hole event only the 2s secured on the 18 will be accepted.

The TWO must be clearly identified by the player on the scorecard. The checkers will not be held responsible for not awarding money for the TWO if the score is not clearly CIRCLED.


No Returns (NRs)
If a card is returned with only a partial score or not returned at all, then the player will either be given the score shown on the card or “0” – this would therefore be taken into account for handicap purposes and for a position on the day counting towards the Treasurer’s and Par 3 competitions. The criterion being that the player has actually started his round.

July 2007

The Annual Competition rules ...

Players must complete 3 qualifying rounds and the best 3 stableford point’s scores are totalled. In the event of a tie the HIGHEST score of the 3 is used; failing this the second; failing this, the tie will remain.

Players must complete 5 qualifying rounds. Points are awarded depending on your position in the stableford competition – for example, if you win in a field of 50 you receive 50 points and if you are last you get 1 point. Your average is the total points divided by the rounds played.  There are various adjustments made to this depending on the number of players, guests etc and an allowance made to ensure those playing more rounds than others are not unduly penalised for playing those extra rounds, which provides the greater risk of a low position.

You score points at each Par 3 hole based on the stableford points you obtain divided by the Stroke Index multiplied by 100. So, if you score 3 stableford points on a hole where the Stroke Index was 9 for this competition you score 33.33 points at that hole. The more stableford points you score and the more difficult the hole, the better your total day score becomes.

We now calculate the positions each day, as above, and awarding points within a basic scale between 1 and 50, with loadings in terms of bonus points to “compensate” if you play, say, all 9 day events compared with a fellow member who only plays the minimum number of 4. There are also other adjustments such as an allowance depending in the size of the field. It is using the same basis as the Treasurer’s competition where points are awarded in the same fashion depending on where you are placed in the day’s stableford competition. THE COMPETITION NOW REWARDS THE MOST CONSISTENT PERFORMER ON THE PAR 3s OVER THE SEASON.


Captain's Bowl Qualification - It's simple … Win something!
In addition, where a winner has already qualified, the second place on the day event would be entered into the Captain's Bowl. If that person has already qualified, then no one from the event is entered.

The Annual BAGS Tour - competition qualification  The Secretaries Cup (Tour) will not count for any of the annual competitions (Treasurers, etc.) and handicaps may only be adjusted after the event on a ''General Play'' basis. However the winner is entered into the Captain's Bowl competition. 


  The Rules for the Knock Out competitions

  1. The matches are to be played on a Matchplay basis on an 18-hole course by the dates provided by the organisers when each round is drawn with the likely end dates for the semi finals and final provided by the organisers after the quarter finals. Matches are not to be incorporated within a BAGS day event.
  2. The first named person or pair (marked by an asterisk), who have the choice of venue in the Preliminary or 1st Round matches should contact the opposing player(s) to submit 3 dates of his/their choice to play the match within the listed time. Bearing in mind some players are unable to play in the day during the week and others are unable to play at the weekend, at least one of the dates should be in the evening during the week. All players entering the Competitions must adhere to the above arrangements. If no contact is made, the other player(s) should propose dates to ensure the match is played within the time allowed. If the match is not completed within this period, the Organiser will award the match to the player(s) who has/have made the greater effort to play the match, although it would be expected for the opposing players to decide between themselves who should go through. In the event of any disputes, the Organiser's decision shall be final.
  3. For the Pairs competition, each pair MUST nominate when they enter the competition the contact person for the organiser to liaise with regarding the matches.
  4. All Knock Out matches are to be played off the yellow tees on a full handicap difference basis for singles and 90% difference for Pairs matches (see section 6) with a maximum allowance of 28. The handicaps used are as the results summary from the previous BAGS golf day. If a match is played between the end of a BAGS golf day and the issue of any new handicaps, a player is entitled to contact the Handicap Secretary to establish any relevant handicap change(s).
  5. In the Singles the higher handicap player receives his shots at the lowest Stroke Index hole and upwards e.g. if handicap difference is 10, he receives one shot at each of holes 1-10 on the SI index of the course being played.
  6. In the 4 ball Better Ball competition the CONGU rules established in 2016 of 90% difference in handicaps will apply, ie. the lowest handicapper in the four ball concedes shots to the other three based on 90% of the difference between their full handicaps. Normal rounding rules apply, halves and above are rounded up.
  7. All matches will be on a Knock Out basis throughout. If a match is all square after 18 holes, it will continue on a sudden death basis with the handicap and stroke allowances as in the previous 18 holes. 
  8. There will be NO plate competition.
  9. The cost of playing each match shall be split on a 50:50 basis.
  11. It is intended that there will still be a Finals Day in October and this will be arranged when the availability of the finalists is determined.
  12. If you consider that you are likely to be away, or have difficulty in meeting cut off dates, and in particular you might not be around for the semi final and final in September/October, it might be advisable not to enter some or all of the competitions.